A humorous on-topic comic

Another entry in the category of “Great stuff other people have done”.

Sometimes a comic can be useful for expressing a certain point. This comic from the people behind phdcomics.com adds a bit of humor to the investigation of:

Art vs. Research

…or maybe, as I suggest on this blog, it is rather art and research.. (a point which the comic does not seem to disagree with).



Second version of The Contemporary Society Circle is now uploaded (16th december 2013)

Contemporary Society Cirkle 16. dec.2013-01

On this latest version of The Contemporary Society circle a few extra concepts has been added, and the first two textual descriptions of the society concepts are flaring away from the boundary of the circle.

The idea is to illustrate – and build in to the research-‘form’ – that no concept (outside the circle) can be identical with the object it identifies (inside the circle/the totality of society as a whole).

Please enjoy!