Contemporary society circle

Contemporary society circle – an Artcademia investigation

Contemporary Society Cirkle 16. dec.2013-01

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It is indeed a puzzling question what kind of society we are living in today. Many can agree, that it is no longer adequate to claim that we are living in the industrial era. But what term should we use to describe the present society in those parts of the world, which are often referred to as the ‘western society’ or ‘the developed’ countries?

Is there only one correct term? Are there many correct terms? Or any correct term at all? Is it simply misleading to talk about it as if it is possible to describe contemporary society adequately with a single term?

The investigation will consists of a discussion of these questions in the meta-text. I will also gather all of the currently used terms, that are trying to capture the conditions defining contemporary society in a single concept. As it is apparent, I have already begun this work. In time each of these concepts will be described as part of the ‘contemporary society circle’, which in itself is an exploration of what an Artcademia-piece can be. The number you see under the concepts, are the number of google hits the specific word had on my computer on the mentioned date. In the upcoming meta-text, I will also discuss the knowledge value of including these numbers.

The contemporary society circle expresses a learning process, so what you see here is – as it is the case in any learning process – a work in progress. All comments, suggestions, ideas, concepts I am missing, or philosophical critique are hence, as always, much appreciated.

I am currently working on the meta-text, but until it is ready for release, this small introduction will suffice. Enjoy!


December 16th, 2013

Contemporary Society Cirkle 16. dec.2013-01

November 7th, 2013


Contemporary society circle 7nov13

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