Quote Cacophony – a new Artcademia project

 Quote cacophony Close-01

Please click on the picture (and again on the picture that emerges) to see it in detail, and continue to read to get the explanation of what it is. 


This Artcademia project explores Artcademia through the medium of an ever-developing composition of quotes, colours and shapes..!

This ongoing investigation takes place on three levels:

  • The meta-textual level
  • The aesthetic development of the ‘form’
  • A collection, selection and constellation of quotes that – in addition to/as part of the aesthetic level – provides linguistic pieces of meaning. This meaning is derived from both their previous contexts – and the context of which they are currently cacophonously part.

The (rather absurd) critical question implicitly asked rhetorically is: can the meaning of one component (be it shape, colour or quote) be understood apart from the context of which it is part? And/or more investigative: how does the context/’form’ influence the meaning of the content?

What I in other words intent to show, on an abstract level, is the somewhat banal point that context/the whole affects the meaning of the parts. It is more controversial (though being a logical necessity, given the first point is agreed with) that this is also the case when academic texts are presented in the familiar ‘forms’ such as essays, dissertations and scientific articles (I have also discussed this in the article Indledende snitteøvelser… (Danish)).

As words both enable and limit possible meaning, so does the ‘forms’ we choose as the geography for the words coming into life. Holding on to a specific ‘form’, regardless of the intended content or the logic of the learning process itself, might limit both content and process in an undesirable way.

Alongside this investigations element of critique, there is a more explorative intention. I basically asked myself the following question:

When investigating the discursive meaning of the combination of a few selected quotes, that originates from texts that have influenced my construction of Artcademia so far, what ‘form’ would I come up with, if I freed myself from institutionalised ‘forms’, and instead sought inspiration in the reservoir of artistic techniques and expressions?

Quote Cacophony, is what I came up with…